Happiness is always just a thought away!

90% of my clients actually have a completely different problem than they believe themselves to have. That’s why it seems “unsolvable” to them: 

⚜️ You might feel overwhelmed and long to be left alone? But in reality, it’s about activating your full strength! When you can allow your feelings, you’ll feel more connected to the people around you.

⚜️ You might think you have emotional blockages? But in most cases, it’s a “strike of your soul”! It wants to make sure you’re not on the wrong path.

⚜️ You might believe you need to find the meaning of life? Only unhappy people, separated from the essence of this moment, are interested in the meaning of life!

⚜️ You might think you need to overcome your “inner demons”? Yet, time and again, I find that everyone knows what they want, but they’re afraid to admit it to themselves.

⚜️ You might think you need to boost your self-esteem by becoming successful, beautiful, rich, or famous? But true self-confidence comes from knowing that you can LOVE and have something to GIVE!

All these misunderstandings have in common that people try to solve a problem with their head instead of the intelligence of their heart. Let’s explore together the topics that move you the most.

Your personal live session with Dr. Marc Stollreiter

I’ll show you how you can usually solve seemingly complicated “problems” in a simple way. And that’s by understanding their TRUE causes. Most problems arise when you try to be someone you’re not. Or when you unconsciously take on the problems of others. Once you become aware of what truly aligns with you, the solution reveals itself. As in life in general, the key here is: Knowing how!


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